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English Self Study Bible Course (Old version)

Bible Study Course

"Through the years, I have had the unfortunate task of ministering to hundreds and hundreds of Christians whose lives had collapsed... Many of them had been believers for years... in some case, leaders and pastors. In most situations, I found that in some manner, the foundation of their Christian faith had not been solidly laid."
- Derek Prince

Do you ever wish that you could insure your faith?

Today you can discover a way to make your belief in Christ so strong that it is an unshakeable foundation for the rest of your life.

An ongoing study of God's Word is vital for this. For an effective Christian life, confidence in your walk with Jesus, and all God's blessings that follow, a Bible foundation course is the perfect place to start this journey.

What are the benefits?

"Since I became a christian 8 years ago I have been on a rollercoaster ride up one minute and down the next. Not knowing where to start my christian walk wondering if there was any structure I could follow. Never knowing where to begin. Until I was introduced to the foundations for christian living... And through this book I am now going through the bible correspondence course... Highly Recomend it."
- Robert Shearer
  • A lasting peace in your life; day in, day out
  • Be sure of what you hope for; know how to find the evidence for this hope
  • Quickly answer any nagging doubts and fears
  • Respond immediately to undermining by the devil, with boldness and certainty
  • Take your relationship with God to the next level
  • Pray more effectively and see the world change
  • Discover your destiny; where should you go and what you should do next?
  • Hear God's voice speaking directly into your life for guidance and reassurance
  • Best of all - see more people come to know Christ around you.

Derek Prince, a Cambridge scholar and inspirational preacher for almost 60 years, personally developed this Bible Course. He wanted to help eager, everyday Christians, no matter what their previous experience of Bible study, develop this discipline. He wanted to encourage people to know more about God and experience His love more deeply.
Derek's personal study was incredibly deep, but his teaching is simple and easy to follow.


About the course

This FREE online study programme allows you to work at your own pace. It's designed around established and effective teaching techniques, and is thorough, Biblically-based and practical. Even if you have never read the Bible before, you will find this systematic study guide easy to use and helpful. Or, if you have been a believer for many years, you will experience important changes in your life and discover an intimacy with God that you may never have known before.

IN JANUARY 2020 A REVISED VERSION OF THIS FREE ONLINE COURSE WILL BE LAUNCHED. To start the course for free today, sign up using this link. OR CONSIDER SIGNING-UP IN JANUARY 2020.